My Baby’s Health Was Restored During Praisewine

Good morning. I’d like to share this testimony with you because it was birthed on the altar of PRAISEWINE to The Glory of God. I had this concern about my daughter’s poo, it started 10days before PRAISEWINE 2016, she was pooing about 4 times a day, which you know it’s abnormal and it was always messy, and always stained her cloth, I gave ORS with zinc tablets, also checked what I was feeding with, but the poo didn’t stop. It discouraged me from attending PRAISEWINE because I know it can be very embarrassing out there with that kind of crowd, but I made up my mind to attend. In fact, as we were about leaving the house to Aztech the venue, she did another one, but we still attended but sat very close to the exit. During the program, The Holy spirit told me to observe her and that the abnormal poo had stopped. To the Glory of God, it stopped and went back to normal. I didn’t even want to feed her at Aztech for fear of the poo, but to my surprise, even after feeding her she didn’t poo again throughout that day till the next day and her poo is fine now, she’s recovered all she lost. Praise God.

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