Divine Healing

Your Family is Blessed.
Ohhhhhh, Am happy that at least I know you people now ooooo because only God knows what will happen tomorrow the way this Praise Wine is going.
This is already a World wide Event. I think it will soon start holding in different parts of the Country every month.
May be America January, Asia February, UK March, Nigeria April Etc. Till the year ends, Even to the Arab Emirates, because no Force of Hell can stop this Move. It’s part of God’s End time Deliverance Vehicle.
God Bless Pastor Kunle. His Humility will yet take Him to heights that, just like that testimony shared yesternight, people will think it’s a lie.
God bless you MA. God bless you indeed. You all will all live to reap all you are sowing.
Your Generation will never see Shame and reproach.
I got my deliverance yesterday.
And my Elder sister whose Bp will always go 180/110, sometimes 200/120 at any little exertion, I brought her. At first, she was just sitting quietly and all of a sudden, as she saw people jumping and rolling, she ran out and I was surprised, she started behaving like a mad person. As I just saw her, my Spirit told me she had gotten her healing, but I just kept quiet. Brethren, after all the jumping and shouting and rolling on the ground, she went home, called me and said she checked and the Bp was 120/80 ( so perfect) without drugs.
God I’m so happy.
This is Just part one instant testimony, I’ve not shared mine.
God Bless Praise Wine for me ooooooooooo.